Car Seat Review 2018: Graco 4Ever All In One

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When looking for a convertible car seat, you’d want something that will grow with your child, last through all the stages of car seats, and provide all the safety he needs. Safety seats have seen its fair share of innovation including multi-functional ones. Most of these models can forward-facing mode, rear-facing mode and converted into a booster. However, most of the time they lack at least one mode.

Graco 4Ever 4 In One Car Seat Cougar

Graco took the game to a whole new level with their Graco 4Ever Convertible All in One car seat that comes in four modes: forward-facing, rear-facing, backless and high-back booster. All of these features can make any parent excited, but will it live up to its hype and deliver as expected?

Specifications and Features

  • Height: 24in and can extend up to 34in
  • Width: 19.5in
  • Weight restrictions: 4 to 40lbs (rear-face mode), 22 to 65lbs (forward-face mode), 40 to 100lbs (high-back booster), and 4 to 120lbs (backless booster).
  • Height restrictions: 18 to 43in (rear-face mode), 27 to 49in (forward-face mode), 40 to 57in (high-back booster), and 43 to 47in (backless booster).
  • Harness: A 5-point harness and a 10-point harness headrest and height adjustment that does not need rethreading.
  • Base: Adjustable with 3 rear-facing and 3 forward-facing recline positions.
  • Safety features: EPS energy-absorbing foam, a frame that’s reinforced by steel, and tested for side impact.
  • Simple to assemble dual combined cup holders
  • Bubble level indicator that’s easy to read

Vehicle Fit and Installation

baby in Graco 4ever

Installing the Greco 4Ever All-In-One car seat is simple in all modes. It comes with a great user manual and color-coded labels, so it’s quite easy to know which goes where when installing it. The cover of this car seat has elastic fasteners making it a bit difficult to remove when you’re threading the latch through the proper path. But this is a small issue altogether.

This convertible car seat features three recline settings in the rear-face and forward-face modes providing the ultimate comfort for your baby. It also comes with a bubble level indicator that lets you set it precisely for utmost safety. This seat takes little room in your car no matter its recline position is giving you ample space to move your car’s seat back freely. It is designed in such a way that your child’s weight will not cause the 4Ever to lean back any further than needed.

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Why Opt to Read Safety Seat Reviews Online


There are certain reasons why parents and guardians would opt to read safety seat reviews online before they even choose the best car seat to purchase. It’s certainly essential to know that your kids are safely seated in your car as you travel with them. To ensure that this kind of safety precaution is established it’s essential that you have the right equipment installed in your cars to keep your baby safe while traveling. If this is your very first purchase to make, you may want to read safety seat reviews online before making that purchase.

One of the main reasons why you should opt to start reading these reviews as it will help you understand what your baby needs at the particular phase of their life. When travelling with your little ones you want to make sure that they are securely seated in your vehicle not only to keep them safe but also to keep them busy while you’re driving. Let’s say for instance, if you’re taking your newborns with you, it’s essential that you look for the appropriate seat where your child can be best seated in comfort and protection. From such reviews, you can get a list of your choices and choose which best fit your child.

There are different types of car seats that you can obtain access to and you’ll have to use which best suits your little ones. The seats range from infant, convertible, booster seats and even 3-in-1 combos for your convenience. These seats are mostly categorized according to the weight, height as well as the age of the child to ensure their safety inside the vehicle while you’re on the go. Additional features are added to these seats to cater to your child’s needs when it comes to protection and comfort when traveling.

Convertible Car Seat - Britax

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Safety Leadership

You’re probably excited for your young first born that you’re trying to complete all that is in your list to ensure all the things you need are ready once the baby is out. Well, aside from the usual baby gear that you could have bought by now, you should also consider looking into infant or convertible car seat reviews for traveling purposes. Check this out When your newborn baby is out, you’ll want to make certain that the baby is always safe from any possible harm and can find enough comfort while you transport them to your destination. These seats are very important for your baby’s safety which means you shouldn’t forget to add them to your list.

Now, you’re probably wondering why look for baby car seat reviews when you can just purchase the first baby seat that you can see in a department store? Well, the reason why these reviews are available for the public to see is to allow consumers like you to compare and decide what is really best for your baby. As you start looking online, you’ll definitely find a good number of reviews available for you to start checking out. However, what you have to look into is what reviews online can provide you as much information on the appropriate seat that you should be buying for your kids.

Infant carseat reviews

dealing with a newborn baby

If you’re dealing with a newborn baby, your main focus will be searching for infant car seat reviews. Now, if you’re actually dealing with a grown up toddler, it will be recommended that you start looking for convertible car seat reviews that’ll give you more details on what product best works for your grown up baby. Finding the best reviews is not at all a challenge. All you have to do is to go online through your browser and start searching for the relevant keywords for the reviews you need to get access to, and then you will have a list of links for you to start checking out and start reading the content.

Maxi Cosi convertable car seat

With the various brands you can encounter throughout your search, you may want to take a look at Maxi Cosi car seat reviews. As you read through the review of such product, you’ll be able to obtain more details on the pros and cons of this particular brand which can be beneficial for you in terms of deciding where it’s going to work for you or not. The reviews for this product also contains what features it offer, the retail price and other frequently asked questions with answers for your convenience. Such reviews can be very helpful for making comparisons for different brands. Look for reviews which have this kind of information so you can make certain that the seat you’ll obtain for your children is safe and reliable.

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Safety Leadership

Probably you are planning to purchase a seat that will completely secure your children while you travel with them on the road. Have you ever considered looking upon possible options via checking online car seat reviews? One of the most sought out seats that you may find out there is rear facing car seats. The only challenge you have in finding the appropriate seat for your kids is that you absolutely have several of options to look upon. This is why it’s best that you’re able to get hold of more information via baby car seat reviews before you even decide making your purchase.

Thos who are parents to be or will be parents for the first time can find it quite challenging to decide on what seats to purchase due to the many options available in the market nowadays. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended for them to start reading infant car seat reviews to gain more knowledge on what seats would be appropriate of their children and what to upgrade to in case their children outgrows what they currently have.

Why the car seat will be worth spending your money on?

Let’s say for instance you are looking for seats which you can use for infants, by reading the information about a certain brand such as Maxi Cosi car seat reviews can help you determine why the car seat will be worth spending your money on. Most of these review websites include not just the description or photo of the product but it as well includes the price which will allow you to compare one brand to another.

Baby safety

Compare additional functionalities

Your aim in reading these reviews is mainly to discover what these varieties of car seats can offer for you and your baby. Security wise, you are looking for seats that strap your kids comfortably and keep them in place whenever you travel with them on the road. You can compare additional functionalities that will bring safety and comfort to your child while they are strapped on the seat to check which meets your expectations. Additional information such as: how to install and how to clean the seats, can as well be provided on these reviews.

What is more important is that you can also gain more information on what others say about the product itself. Those who have purchased the product will mostly leave comments and ratings on online review websites for this type of seats. You can gauge which comments can be very helpful on your part so you can decide what car seat to purchase for your own kids.

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Waiting For Baby Reviews | My Brest Friend

Waiting For Baby

One of the first things that I noticed about my changing body was how uncomfortable it got to sleep in my normal sleeping positions.  I was surprised by how suddenly this change happened, too.  One night I was a tummy/back sleeper and the next I couldn’t get comfortable in either of those positions.  This happened right around 11-12 weeks, so about the same time my belly really popped.  I found sleeping at times to be so uncomfortable that I would toss and turn for hours with no relief.  This, of course, affect C as much as it affected me.  Luckily, for both of us and our ability to share a bed, there are solutions to the pregnant-belly-sleeping-trouble problem!  My Brest Friend has a great solution with their 3-In-1 Body Pillow.

My Brest Friend is not an unknown name in the pregnan...

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Education Leadership

Chapel Hill 7th and 8th Grade Center is a middle school on the west side of Indianapolis that was in need of a new school administrator. MSD of Wayne Township Superintendent Dr. Terry Thompson has overseen an impressive series of building initiatives which, most recently, included rebuilding the school into a state-of-the-art facility. As part of that makeover the school also got a new principal in order to enhance school leadership and education leadership school-wide. I had chance to speak with Sheri Marcotte this past week. She is an experienced and impressive educator. I asked her to comment on lessons learned in her first year at her new school. Below are excerpts that I have paraphrased from her responses to a number of questions posed to her in our conversation.

What is your backgro...

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Our intent with the development of the School Climate and Culture survey benchmark was to measure school district employee perspectives on issues of organizational  culture, school climate, school culture, overall school effectiveness and employee morale. Our belief is that these characteristics of the school and school district organization are not just linked with one another but also with development of K-12 educational leaders and successful schools.  Indeed, studies show that school culture is one of the most significant factors influencing student success...

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I was speaking with the superintendent of a mid-sized district in the Midwest this week. He is an old friend and someone I regard as an expert in education leadership and school leadership.  We had not had a chance to connect in some time. He was updating me on developments with a school administrator in his districts and we were sharing thoughts on all manner of tangentially related topics.

The conversation turned towards my current research project on School Climate and Culture. He is very familiar with the work we do in this area and has used our services in prior districts. As we discussed the need for and importance of conducting nationally normed school culture studies, he said something rather simple but profound...

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Education Leadership

School turnaround experts in educational leadership are becoming ever more popular in certain parts of the country. A recent NPR report on the use of Turnaround for Children in the Bronx provides an interesting overview on the situation creating this need as well as some insight into their approach.

The keys to success are clear (especially when studied in hindsight):

  • Focus on behavior. Don’t allow classrooms to be disrupted. Learning does not happen when behavior problems arise. Teach teachers how to deal with these issues quickly and effectively. Ensure that school administrators do their best to support teachers.
  • Separate academic issues from social / emotional issues. Schools must be able to sort through the issues and directly address the most significant issues first...
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360 Degree Feedback


Three-hundred and sixty degree feedback — also known as multi-rater feedback — is an excellent diagnostic and development tool for education leadership development with public schools and school districts. Not only do those who are new to educational leadership develop a more comprehensive and accurate self-image, the school leadership framework we utilize helps them develop a much deeper understanding of the commitments of leadership.

Within our 360-degree feedback framework, K-12 educational leaders are provided with insights into their leadership practices by other principals, their faculty and their district-level supervisors and key contacts...

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