About Us: The National Center for School Leadership


Our Mission

The National Center for School Leadership is focused on leadership and organizational issues that impact k-12 public schools and school districts today. The Center was founded to work with schools on a range of issues related to this central theme including:

  • Addressing school climate and culture
  • Developing leadership capacity with public schools
  • Improving and strengthening organizational structures within public schools and school districts

The Center recognizes that there are a myriad of issues facing public schools today. Much of the effort today is on curriculum, instruction and assessment as warranted by their direct link to student achievement and the accountability facing schools.

However, we believe that simply addressing these issues completely misses the largest enabler (or, conversely, disabler) for schools which is leadership. Through the develop of existing and prospective leaders, schools and school districts will create the ability to execute more effectively.

“There is more to execution that simply having the right answer.”

We could not agree more. What good is having the “best” instructional programs if the people in the organization do not believe in it or the school? What are the benefits of a data-driven assessment system if the faculty are not in agreement for how it should be used or even convinced of its merits? Effective leadership is required to change how organizations operate. Having the “right answer” is not enough.