Best Practices in Education Leadership

We are looking for participants in our Best Practices in Education panel!  Each month we will, with your help, explore a new topic relating to schools and education in America. 

This is a new research method for us this year.  We hope to, with your help, gain a better understanding of best practices in education related to leadership, instructional practices, and a host of other topics. 

What are the Best Practices in Education Panels?

Our Best Practices in Education panels are comprised of teachers and principals who have volunteered to share their opinion.  The panels will be conducted in a virtual format relying on online surveys and phone conversations with our researchers.  Each month we will send a survey to each panelist on a different topic.  Each survey is just 20 questions or less and helps us develop a perspective on a number of different issues. education best practices

This year there are two different panels.  The first panel is open to all teachers including classroom teachers, special education teachers, and others.

The second panel is focused on school leadership and is open to school-level administrators including principals and assistant principals.

Your participation on one of our panels is crucial. 

Who can join a panel?

We are looking for people currently employed in the public education field.  Our panels are currently recruiting:

Teachers.  We are looking for classroom teachers, special education teachers, gifted and talented teachers, and special area teacher.

Principals & Assistant Principals.  We are looking for school leaders.  These panelist will be asked different questions though typically on a related topic.

Why should you participate in a panel?

Be heard.  Your opinion matters.  As an educator you have an opinion that is based on fact and experience.  This is your chance to share that voice and vision by contributing it to the national discussion.

Teach Others.  We are educators.  Teaching is what we do.  By contributing your opinion you are offering a prospective the will instruct others about what is working and what is not within public schools.

Learn More.  As a panelist and in exchange for your time, we will share our detailed finding each month with you.  You will benefit from gaining the perspective of others

Potential Panel Discussion Topics 

  • Barrier to Success What is holding schools back?
  • Testing and Accountability.  What works and what does not?  Is testing worth the investment?  Why or why not?
  • Parental Involvement.  We know parents are important to the education process?  Why are they important and what can we do to improve the parent-school bond?
  • Teaching Practices.  Are we satisfied with current practice?  What seems to work best?  What does not?
  • Time in the Day.  Research indicates that it is challenging or perhaps impossible to teach all standards in one school year.  How can we better maximize the impact of our time with students.

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