Leadership Development

Education Leadership DevelopmentResponding to the requests of our clients, the Center has created a leadership development tool kit designed to assist schools in developing new, existing and prospective leaders.

Our development tool kit is divided into three components: 1) assessment, 2) coaching and 3) training.


Leadership Assessment

The Center believes strongly in the effectiveness of individual assessments in the leadership development process. Properly designed and delivered instruments can provide timely, accurate and constructive feedback that is critical to the emerging leader.

The Center utilizes a range of diagnostic and prescriptive tools depending upon the leadership position, tenure of the leader and specific development needs of the individual.

Leadership Coaching

The Center also believes strongly in the need for objective support from external resources. A system of assessment coupled with feedback and support from a leadership coach provides an invaluable environment for leaders to develop. Few school leaders have an opportunity to rely on a truly objective and qualified person to help them develop. Our coaches provide the appropriate experience depending upon the needs of the individual

Leadership Training

Another critical component of leadership development is training. The Center has developed a series of workshops that can be tailored to fit a particular theme, timeframe and budget. Typically our leadership workshops are dynamic events wherein participants are challenged to think differently about leadership and to interact closely with other participants to explore these new themes.


Why Assess Leadership?

Developing leaders need feedback and input into their strengths and weaknesses. For many of the same reasons that we assess student learning, we need to provide our emerging school leaders with input into their development needs.

Informed Learning
Emerging and developing school leaders often times have lacked any significant leadership training - either formal or informal. As an institution, school districts have historically neglected the development of leaders. New principals are often thrust into the role sometimes with instructional leadership training. However most have had little to no organizational leadership training.

Informed Instruction
Schools and school districts can greatly accelerate leadership development by either better informing senior leaders in the school and district as to the developmental needs of emerging leaders or through utilizing professional leadership coaches. Assessments such as these provide internal or external coaches and instructors with valuable information as to the specific challenges facing individual developing leaders.


All of these services are provided on a consultative basis to schools and school districts throughout North America.

For more information on consulting services provided by the National Center for School Leadership, please contact Josh Bowers at 888-368-2374, x801 or jbowers@ncfsl.org.