Parent Engagement & Satisfaction Survey

Benchmark Report
Research Agenda
For a Survey
Sample Questions

Purpose: The parent engagement survey was designed to help participating districts understand how their schools compare on numerous factors related to parent engagement. The national benchmarks allow districts to isolate strengths and opportunities at the school and district level.

Survey Structure:

  • 55 multiple choice, 5 point Likert scale questions and 8 demographic related questions
  • 3 open-ended comment questions
  • Current Database: ~159,000 responses.
  • Choice of paper or online administration.  Available in Spanish and English

Participants: K-12 public school district parents are the focus of this survey. Our current benchmark database contains data from about 123,000 respondents.

Overview: This study focuses on parents of our K12 students. We seek input on a variety of topics including perceived school quality, opportunities for involvement, effectiveness of communication and other key topics.

The Issues: What do we hope to learn?

In the course of this study we address questions such as:

  • What do parents think of your schools?
  • How connected do parents feel to their child’s school?
  • What means of communication do parents find most effective?
  • What could better enable parents to be effective in supporting student achievement?
  • How do parents feel about the quality and quantity of interactions with school staff?
  • How do parents perceive the quality of your schools? What factors do they use to arrive at these opinions?
  • What types of interactions are parents most likely to be involved with?
  • How can your school district improve parent involvement?