Teacher Attitudes & Beliefs Survey

Benchmark Report
Research Agenda
For a Survey
Sample Questions

Purpose: We have long wanted to conduct a completely teacher-centered survey but never had an opportunity. This year we decided to create the opportunity by hosting a Center-sponsored research project whereby we would develop, in concert with participating districts, a survey instrument and, subsequently, a national database of response data.

Survey Structure:

  • 45 - 50 multiple choice questions and 6 to 8 demographic related questions
  • 3 to 4 open-ended comment questions
  • Online administration

Overview: In our School Climate & Culture Survey we address many issues that touch teachers however the focus is not fully focused on teachers. The emphasis here is to develop a fuller understanding of what teachers believe about their schools, their districts and their jobs.

Participants: K-12 public school district certified teachers are the focus of this survey. We will include general education and special education teachers but will not include district-based employees, classified employees or administrators.

The Issues: What do we hope to learn?

  • What do teachers believe can impact student learning the most?
  • What do teachers think of the quality of their current curriculum in various subject areas?
  • Are teachers making optimal use of parent relationships in the education process?
  • What do teachers believe that parents are doing well and are not doing well with respect to supporting their childs education.
  • What is the perception of your teachers regarding current federal and state legislative initiatives?
  • How well do teachers perceive the implementation of new programs and instructional practices?
  • Does your current technology platform support learning in the view of teachers?