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Waiting For Baby

One of the first things that I noticed about my changing body was how uncomfortable it got to sleep in my normal sleeping positions.  I was surprised by how suddenly this change happened, too.  One night I was a tummy/back sleeper and the next I couldn’t get comfortable in either of those positions.  This happened right around 11-12 weeks, so about the same time my belly really popped.  I found sleeping at times to be so uncomfortable that I would toss and turn for hours with no relief.  This, of course, affect C as much as it affected me.  Luckily, for both of us and our ability to share a bed, there are solutions to the pregnant-belly-sleeping-trouble problem!  My Brest Friend has a great solution with their 3-In-1 Body Pillow.

My Brest Friend is not an unknown name in the pregnancy/baby world.  I remember several years ago a new mom friend raving about her My Brest Friend Breast Feeding Pillow and how she couldn’t live without it.  In fact, that was the very first product I threw onto my baby registry!  What I didn’t know, however, was how many other great products offered by My Brest Friend and how I would start to utilize these long before my baby arrive!

The 3-In-1 Body Pillow is a long, narrow pillow that looks kind of like a snake since it is wider at the top, where your head rests, and narrower at the bottom, where you body goes over it and it goes in between your legs for added support.  There is also a small “lip” in the middle that is perfect for your growing belly to get the added support that it needs during pretty much every part of your pregnancy.   It is a soft, comfortable pillow that has helped me have countless nights of fantastic sleep!  I felt a little silly at first throwing this snake-like pillow onto my bed and curling up with it the first night when I received this pillow at around 13 weeks since I wasn’t really *that* pregnant, but I am so grateful that I did.  I rested the top part against my other pillow as I am a two-pillow sleeper, and the belly lip came right up to my belly.  Since I’m not too big yet and the lip is definitely designed to hold a bit more of a pronounced belly I then pushed the rest of the pillow under and found great support!  The “tail” of the pillow then goes in between your legs to balance out your spine better, which is great for Mama-To-Be’s who experience back pain while sleeping.

All in all, I love this pillow and it has been a life saver.  I have been using it nightly for over a month now and still love every inch of it.  When I travel it comes with me, as I cannot imagine spending a night without it!  The only downs I could find to this product was that it is designed more for women who are a bit further along, like later in the second trimester and third trimester.  Right now it doesn’t have quite enough padding for me, but I resolved that problem by putting a folded baby blanket underneath the belly part to give it more support.  As the weeks go on I am unfolding the blanket more and more and imagine that in a couple of weeks I won’t need that at all.  Also, it is hard to find a pillow case for this pillow.  It DOES come with a removable, easy to clean case, but it’s white.  In my home, with all of our black dogs, having too much white is an issue.  I did remedy this by just putting a regular pillow case over the head rest part of the pillow, and that has worked out great.  I do wish, though, that my Brest Friend would make some cute slip covers like the ones they offer for the My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow.  The patterns are adorable!

But that’s not all I’d like to tell you about!  I love hearing that a great company that offers a great product offers more than I ever knew!  My Brest Friend also has great extra large burp cloths!  I haven’t been able to use these with an actual baby yet (my niece has now outgrown her bad spit-up phase), but I am already in love with them.  They are HUGE and one great memory I have from my newborn photography days is my friend’s daughter spitting up on me.  Now, this wouldn’t have been a huge issue since I had a burp cloth on my shoulder, except her spit up was more like vomit and it went WAY past the length of the burp cloth.  At the time I remember thinking that they need to make these things longer, and thicker to help with clean-up.  Well, My Brest Friend does!  Their burp cloths are 50% larger than their leading competitor.  They are also so, so, so soft and have a protective leak layer to keep even the most vomit-like spit-up at bay and off of your clothes!  They right now come in three color options- Pink, Blue, and Mixed (blue, orange, and black), and are a must-have for every new parent!  I have another set already on my registry because I can foresee these having so many great uses once Pete is here!

So if you’ve heard of how amazing the My Breast Friend Breast Feeding Pillow is, be sure to swing by the My Brest Friend website and take a look at all of the other amazing products they offer.  I’ve covered two here, but there are several more that are definitely worth taking a look at!  Hopefully after my shower I’ll have some more of their products to tell you all about!

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