School Climate & Culture Survey

Our intent with these survey benchmarks is to measure employee perspectives on issues of organizational culture, school climate and employee morale. Our belief is that these characteristics of the organization are not just linked with one another but also with development of K-12 leaders and successful schools.

The School Climate and Culture Survey is conducted with all school district employees via our online survey tool.

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Survey Structure:

  • Participants: all school and district-office employees
  • 70 multiple choice, 5 point Likert scale questions
  • 6 demographic related questions
  • 4 open-ended comment questions
  • Up to 10 custom questions per participating district
  • Current Database: ~90,000 responses.


What do you get?

1. Survey Set-up and Administration

  • Use of our tested and validated survey instrument.
  • Set-up and use of our online survey tool, customized to your district.
  • Support and response updates through-out the survey process.
  • Ability for participating districts to add up to 10 custom questions each.

2. Survey Results in 5 different reports at the item level

  • National norm data comparisons for each question on each report.
  • Location report at the item analysis level.
  • Comment report with complete transcript of all comment question responses.
  • 3 additional reports identified by the participating district.

3. Research Report

  • 370+ pages
  • National benchmark data broken down by item, by demographic variable.
  • Valuable tool in analyzing your district data.


Additional Services

Custom & Additional Reports. Custom reports can be generated for a variety of variables including school specific reports, demographic specific reports, and cross-tabulation reports. While the standard reports will provide a large amount of data, oftentimes it is necessary to develop a deeper understanding of specific topics. Custom reports can help in this area.

Cost:   $1000

Project Dates:  Mar 16 2015 - Apr 24 2015

Participating districts should plan to administer the survey within the above survey window. Complete survey administration typically takes between 1 and 2 weeks.
Deadline to Sign-up:  Mar 13 2015

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For additional information on this survey, click here:   School Climate and Culture Survey