Teacher Attitudes & Beliefs Survey

We have long wanted to conduct a completely teacher-centered survey but never had an opportunity. This year we decided to create the opportunity by hosting a Center-sponsored reseach project whereby we would develop, in concert with participating districts, a survey instrument and, subsequently, a national database of response data.

The Teacher Attitudes & Beliefs Survey is designed for all certified teachers and is available through our online survey tool.

Project Registration | National Center for School Leadership

Survey Structure:

  • 45 - 50 multiple choice questions
  • 6 to 8 demographic related questions
  • 3 to 4 open-ended comment questions
  • Up to 10 custom questions per participating district
  • Online administration


What do you get?

1. Input into the Survey Design and Process:
We are looking for Research Partners with ideas. Let us know what you want.

2. Survey Set-up and Administration

  • Use of our tested and validated survey instrument.
  • Set-up and use of our online survey tool, customized to your district.
  • Support and response updates through-out the survey process
  • Ability for participating districts to add up to 10 custom questions each.

3. Survey Results in 5 different reports at the item level

  • National norm data comparisons for each question on each report
  • Location report at the item analysis level
  • Comment report with complete transcript of all comment question responses
  • 3 additional reports identified by the participating district

4. Research Report

  • National benchmark data broken down at by item by demographic variable
  • Valuable tool in analyzing your district data


Additional Services

  • Custom & Additional Reports. Custom reports can be generated for a variety of variables including school specific reports, demographic specific reports, and cross-tabulation reports.  While the standard reports will provide a large amount of data, oftentimes it is necessary to develop a deeper understanding of specific topics. Custom reports can help in this area.

Cost:   $1000

Project Dates:  Jan 12 2015 - Feb 20 2015

Participating districts should plan to administer the survey within the above survey window. Complete survey administration typically takes between 1 and 2 weeks.
Deadline to Sign-up:  Jan 9 2015

To register, please please click here

For additional information on this survey, click here:   Teacher Attitudes & Beliefs Survey